Walt Disney Classics Figurines

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witch.gif (6877 bytes)

micky-ornament.gif (9064 bytes)

donald.gif (10648 bytes)

Blue Birds with Sash Witch Mickey Ornament Amigo Donald


jose carioca.gif (11688 bytes)

panchito.gif (12123 bytes)

pig opening title.gif (212598 bytes)

Practical Pig.gif (4823 bytes)

Jose Carioca Panchito 3 Little Pig Title Practical Pig

fifer pig.gif (5907 bytes)

Fiddler Pig.gif (4500 bytes)

flightoffancy.gif (2471 bytes)

dumbo ornament.gif (4266 bytes)

Fifer Pig Fiddler Pig Flight of Fancy Dumbo Ornament

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